Privacy Policy

We take special measures to see that your privacy is protected and implement strategies for securing data and current software for the same. Our privacy statement will make clear our collection, storage and make use of the information provided to us through forms or on the phone. Kindly read the privacy statement closely since starting to use our services would make sure that the below statement has been accepted.

In order to proceed, what is the personal information needed?

In order to provide the best service, we sometimes need data for the provision of personalised services. Personal information collected by us is whatever is filled by you on the contact form so that we could get in touch with you, or the details filled by you on the application form of the site. We may need your information from you for further correspondence so that we could make the customer satisfaction better, and take notes from you over the phone.

The service is such that we need to collect some financial information. In such an event, we consider that your partners consent is obtained by you before sharing their information as well.

We will always take your consent electronically to collect your personal identifying information. Visitors are required to give some specific information in order to get a call from us. The information would be very basic such as name and the contact information.

What happens once we get the information?

We may need to contact regarding the assistance needed by you using the contact information provided by you. We may also contact you for research on customer’s needs in order to provide services efficiently to all our customers. We will also contact you via phone if you want us to do so.

In case we feel that some our services or our partners’ services with whom we may share some of the information, might be useful to you, we may update you on the same through mail or phone. You could also let us know if you wouldn’t like your information being shared in such a way. What we look for is your benefit and will forward the information only to those, the information from whom will be beneficial to you.

In case of an order from the court or a request from the authority of Government law enforcement, we may be compelled to reveal your information. We need to preserve your information in case of some fraudulent activities when someone else falsely claims to be you.

How to keep personal identifiable information secure?

We take utmost care to keep the information safe and we collect only that information which we consider extremely necessary in order to fulfil legitimate purposes. We respect your integrity and privacy. We make use of the modern methods and software to ensure security for your information, and the same are updated frequently.

Business partners and affiliates may be linked on our website. We are not responsible for the privacy policy; also we are not liable for the same in case you decide to visit these sites. For the protection of privacy, please make sure that you read the respective sites’ policies before submitting your data to all these websites.

Altering, deleting or analysing the data

You can communicate with us, in the cases when you have a tension about providing the false information or you want to delete the data or may be you wish to have a look at the information you have furnished. We can access, trash or modify the given data according to your requirement. Trust us for saving the data security as we will work upon your demand and necessity. You can communicate with us if not satisfied about the security of your data.

Elimination or modification of data

When you wish to make any kind of change like elimination or modification in your data from our side, feel free to communicate with us, by mailing is on :